Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Winter Wonderland

So here's the story of how we met according to my(Ryan's) perspective..... a buddy and I had been planning on going snowmobiling up to my cabin in the Uinta's for a few weeks and it was going to work out perfectly, with an apporoaching storm that would give us some of that white fluffy stuff snowmobilers dream about. About the night before he had informed me that he had some lady friends lined up to go with us. For me that wasn't to thrilling because I just wanted to get out the sled and rip it up, but I went along with it. We ended up meeting up with these girls he knew from Orem(Happy Valley to us northeners haha). We met them in Park City so that they could follow us to the cabin. Well they ended up having to wait there for awhile because it took us about an hour to get up Parley's Canyon because of traffic due to all the new snow we were getting and the fact that I was driving my mom's truck with the snowmobiles behind it, talk about white knuckle driving!!! Eventually we met up and we took off to the cabin.

Jenn's in the red, My date in white and buddy in black.
After arriving to the parking lot and getting all our gear up and loaded. We started the ride up to the cabin. As soon as we got to the cabin and got everything settled in. We decided to hit the powder and show the ladies some fun. I think I had only said two words to my date, who's name was Alyssa, at this point. We messed around in this huge field and we were all getting pretty wet, whenwe decided to head back to the cabin for dinner(which us guys planned on making for them) and to dry out.

As we got back at the cabin I made us a fire and got the girls some blankets to warm up. I think they had on every single bit of clothing they packed. We decided to put in a movie. As the four of us were hanging out and relaxing, I started laying everything out by the fire so that it would be dry by the end of the night. My buddy goes and starts preparing dinner when all of a sudden his date Jenn, comes over and starts small talk with me. Not thinking anything of it I continue talking to her while he is in the kitchen with my date!  I guess we end up hitting it off ....

ha ha so after all this we end up taking the girls back to their car on the sleds and sending them on their way. Luckily we have cell service up there so my buddy texted them the whole way home and ended up giving Jenn my number because she wasn't responding to his texts, even though she was getting them!! GIRLS!!! ha ha She texted me the next day and said thanks for letting us come up and that we should hang out sometime soon!! And that's how we got here!!! Thanks Barry!!! :)

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