Monday, July 4, 2011

My Dream Home

I will admit one of my all time favorite pastimes is looking at houses. I love driving around and walking through homes. I enjoy looking at all the different styles people chose to decorate there homes in. I love driving around to spot my favorite house! I love decorating homes and fanticizing about when I get the chance to build my dream home or even be able to buy a house I truly love and make it one of a kind!  I had the opprotunity to go to the parade of homes this year (thanks to my sweet fiance) and I loved it, I will definitely be going back the next year.. and the next. My mother and I went to about half the homes the parade had to offer this year and even on the way to those homes, I found a few I truly fell in love with.

 this home is just simply one that I have driven past. But i love the pillars and the colors.

This is another house I am truly fond of. the pillars the slight coloniel look. The timeless and classy look.

Now at Parade of homes there was two homes that won my vote they were the McEwan Custom Home and Hartfield home. They are done both in very different designs, styles and themes and yet I could see myself living in both of them one day. McEwan's design was much more classy,formal and timeless. While the Hartfield home was a home you could see on the egde of the oceans, full of light colors and unique touches.

This is the McEwan Home. As you can tell it is the details of this home that make this home! I love everything about it. This home also including a sports court, a huge backyard and amazing patio! I would love to live in this home:)
I love this kitchen! The black cuppards along side the white!

The Hartfield home like I said before is colorful unique and bright. I love the wallpaper designs and the antique look! This home truly made and designed to be on the oceanside:)

I look forward to the day when I can put my creative ideas and imagination to work and creat the home of my dreams!