Monday, June 13, 2011

Not an Ordinary Sunday

You've read how we met. Now to the more juicy details.. How Ryan proposed!

It was April 10, and snowing, His parents told me the previous day that we need to head up to their cabin(mind you, the same cabin we met snowmobiling) to make sure the snow did not damaged anything. His whole family went up with snowmobiles earlier that day. Ryan and I stayed back waiting for his sister Kristen to come back from a homecoming. We left an hour or so after them. They picked us up at the gate with the snowmobiles. We all rode up the cabin. Ryan, Kristen and I were dropped off while the rest of them went on a ride (or so I thought). Ten minutes they arrived back at the cabin and it was our turn for a ride. We head out behind his parents on a ride they speed off in front of us and Ryan started to slow down... thinking this was strange, cause if you knew Ryan he likes going as fast as he can! But right ahead of us was a snowman with roses in the front of it and the ring hanging from its hand! I started freaking out.. Right then and there I knew what was happening! It took me by surprise cause he assured me it wasn't for a few more days!!! We stood there for a moment.. before i asked "Are you going to get on one knee or what?!" He knelt down, Poured his heart out and asked me to marry him. Of course I said "YES!" I could not imagine my life without him!! I will never forget this day and how creative and successful it was. Thanks to his family for building the snowman, bringing the dozen roses and ring up without my knowing! Love you all :)

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